Finnish Social Security

Residents and non-residents working in Finland are required to pay social security contributions on their gross salary in Finland or in the country of their employer after an E101 has been issued.

Social security rates for 2015:


  • 18.00% for pension insurance,
  • 2.08% social security contribution,
  • 0.8% for unemployment insurance up to EUR 2’025'000 and 3.15% for the excess with no capped amount,
  • 0.9% for accident insurance,
  • 0.07% group life insurance. 


  • 5.70% for employees pension and unemployment insurance (7.2% if employee is older than 53).
  • 1.32% medicare premium,
  • 0.78% sickness insurance daily allowance contribution,
  • 0.65% unemployment insurance

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